How we work

Avoid oversized

Empower your IT structure adding us at your team just to specific projects and objectives.

Schedule your investment

Each project is esteemed and valued prior to their start and executed with online progress reports. Your company can design and plan when to start each investment.

Matures IT in small iterations

Short, clear and measurable objectives. Point solutions to specific problems guided by a continuous improvement plan builder.

Empower your business with technology

Increase your competitiveness, reach new markets, increase sales, automate and mature management. Easy access technologies can make a big difference.

Your information as a commodity

This is the information age, each stored and managed data has a value for your company. Know your information, model it and turn it into a business tool.

Technify difficult or remote locations

Bring technology to hard to reach places. Increase productivity of field work, integrate remote offices, share information efficiently with partners or distant branch offices. We plan and launch technology projects where you need it.

Areas in which we provide consulting

Cloud Computing

  • Virtualization.
  • Distributed processing.
  • Contingency schemes.
  • Monitoring and managing remotely your processing center.
  • Empower key features in the management of information and communication technologies using virtual resources: Increase the agility of team, reduce cost, allow quick scalability and elasticity, ensuring hardware independence, maximize the performance of the hardware facilitating maintenance and bring security to levels of excellence.

Security and Management of Information

  • Analysis, modeling and reengineering of process.
  • Information managing risks through ISO 27000.
  • Digital Strategy.
  • Business Data Driven.
  • Advice in compliance with legal forms.

Turn the information that your business generates in your most valuable asset. Transforming market, competitors, customers and operating data into raw material to make decisions at all levels. Generating monitoring and control On Line Tool. Raising awareness of the value of all this information and the importance of safety and proper management.

I.C.T. Infrastructure

  • Design, construction and optimization of Data Center
  • Technology integrations.
  • Mobile technologies.
  • Scalable Solutions.
  • Analysis of new technologies.

Help you find the hardware solution that best fits the size and needs of your business. Maximize performance of existing equipment. To design the integration of isolated solutions. Incorporating new technologies to extend the scope and value of your products.

eCraft briefly

eCraft is an innovative consulting firm specialized in Information Technology and Communications (I.C.T.), Cloud Computing and Management and Security of Information, conformed by professional of solid experience in the field of consulting.

Our mission is to go along with our clients in the achievement of their goals, helping them to focus his energies on the business, being us who supply the technology solutions that enable them to exploit their potential, creating competitive advantage, providing added value to their operatory and creating a solid platform to react quickly the changes.

We work by developing modular projects with short-term objectives and easily measurable that enable the organization to obtain rapid improvements and return on investments.


Contact with eCraft

Feel free to contact us to know more about our work, to send any suggestions, to approach to work with the team and also to greet eCraft.